Occult Research ClubEdit

Asia ArgentoEdit

Xenovia at first did not like her at all because she turned into a Devil and still believed in God, and wanted to kill her so she could be forgiven and even called her a "Witch", which saddens Asia greatly. Later on as she found out the truth about her beliefs, she decides to join Rias Gremory's Peerage and becomes very close friends with Asia. Xenovia feels extemely guilty for how she treated Asia at first and constantly apologizes for it, even though Aisa has already forgiven her.

Issei HyoudouEdit

Due to her lack of common sense from being raised in the Church, she told Issei that she wanted to have his children out loud and had no regard for where it happened. She wants his genes as the Red Dragon Emperor to have strong children, but later on in the series, she develops feelings for him because Issei always puts himself in life-or-death situations over the safety of every girl in Rias' Peerage and he does it without any selfish motivation or desire for himself.

Irina ShidouEdit

A good friend of Xenovia.

Rias GremoryEdit

Rias considers Xenovia a trustworthy servant but she also considers her a love rival since she wants to have Issei's children and does develop feelings for Issei as the series progresses.

Other CharactersEdit

Griselda QuartaEdit

Griselda was Xenovia's swordmaster and legal guardian during her time in the Church. Xenovia is shown to be extremely fearful of her.

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