Guys, As you can see, this wikia's Founder is not active any longer. So that i was motivated to sent a request for Adoption this wikia, just yesterday i got the permission and Admin been trusted to me by Wikia Staff [Wendy].

I give my thanks to LunaMoonfang and Harem King who support me to adopt this wikia. Before that I apologize, as an Admin I can not to give you Admin's Right but I can give as a "Chat Moderator".

I can give you "Admin" if i can become "Bureaucrat", this bureaucrat can given by Wikia Staff and Founder only, so i have to request again to them, but they said i have to wait for 60 days for now on. Yeah for Temporariy I alone as Admin here, I hope there are people who can help to build this wikia even larger than [Want to become an Admin that for you who want to Voluntered work for this or worth contribute]

So that its everyone, I'm asking your help to Expanded this wikia. well I HOPE THERE IS NO PURE COPYPASTE from, we can make it original for our own taste. There is so many source you can find it beside or you can give your opinion's self to expanded this wikia.

Thank You For Your Cooperation. =)